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Licenced to Recruit & Deploy Ugandan Migrant Labour Workers. 


About us

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Prime Linkages Ltd is a limited liability company, incorporated in Uganda, holding a certificate of incorporation number 80020000234711.

We also hold a certificate of license number 153 issued by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development of Uganda, which grants the express authority to recruit and deploy Ugandan migrant labour workers. We believe our continued success stands on firm foundations of qualitative commitment to our clients.

We pride ourselves with conducting comprehensive research to understand our Client’s needs. By using our in-depth industry knowledge and following a collaborative approach, we are able to achieve an exceptionally high success rate.

We believe in paying personal attention to all our clients and seek to foster long lasting relationships that are mutually conducive. With people as the greatest asset of any organization, professional recruitment is of utmost importance.

Recruiting the right people demands trained professionals with rich experience to analyze candidates. Our understanding of the East African labour market gives us an advantageous position to source highly professional candidates.

We handle candidate sourcing, interviews and reference checking together with assistance during medical checks, passport and visa application.

We understand that every business is structured differently, with that comes unique personnel requirements. With that in mind, our agency tailors its services to ensure that we provide a bespoke solution designed to meet company specific needs.

Our Core Values

We espouse the core values of:

• High Integrity

• Respect for all humanity

• Truth and honesty in all we do

• Efficiency & effectiveness

• Excellence in performance

• Time consciousness

• Reverence to God in all endeavours

Our Mission Statement

To be the most organised labour exporting company which continuously offers excellent recruitment services in Uganda.

Our Vision Statement

To be the preferred company of choice by all aspirants of overseas employment opportunities.

Mrs. Florence Kata the Managing Director is an experienced and qualified Export Trade Management expert with extensive public and private sector knowledge and skills in diverse specializations in export development and promotion. She has been at the helm of Uganda Export Promotion Board, the country’s premier export development agency for a period of 14 years, 10 years of which she served as the Chief Executive Officer.